I met Peter McKay several weeks ago in Shelby, Montana. I has med Ken a little earlier that day. We were about to get something to eat when I saw another cycling tourist a block away. I walked over to meet him. He ate with us and then I road with him for several days.

We met Dylan Atkinson after Havre, Montana. We all road together for a few days. Actually we camped together, since we all ride at different paces. Dylan is from San Francisco. He is a teacher. We camped together for about two weeks. I hope to catch him when I get back on the road tomorrow.

Robert Kirkpatrick

I met Robert Kirkpatrick in Wisconsin just before crossing into Red Wing, Minnesota. We met again later and camped together.

The day after Muscatine, Iowa, a fellow yelled out the window of his Blazer that he would see me in Reynolds. I only averaged around 10 mph so he though the would miss me. I was looking at the map across from Casey’s when he showed up. His name is Brian Parkinson. He bought me an iced tea. He is an enthusiastic cyclist, farmer and sailor ( Chicago to Mackinac solo and on a team ). We talked nearly an hour. He is riding across one state at a time as he can schedule it.

It has been fun to meet various people and hear there stories and interests. Two more people to mention now. Outside Dakota, Minnesota I was off the route using US Highway 61 to shorten the day. I missed the last turn and ended up on Interstate. I took an exit in about a mile. I met Lauren and her dad Robin right away. They directed me to a path that put me back on the route in a few miles.

Lauren and Robin