It has been almost two weeks since I met Donn Olson at the Bike Bunkhouse in Dalbo, Minnesota. Donn is a very special guy. He was recognized as the Adventure Cycling Association 2011 June Curry Trail Angel Award for the providing the Bike Bunkhouse for cyclists touring on the Northern Tier route. I stayed there on July 3 and 4. It was a great place for my rest day.

Donn showed me around his property while I was there. He is a steward of the woods that have grown behind the crop fields since the land is no longer used for pasture. He manages a porable sawmill for a Baptist conference. He has used wood from the area to build up the bike bunkhouse. I wanted to include some more photos and to recognize Donn for his effort, providing for cyclists.

Here are a few pictures of the facility to give you a better idea of the bike bunkhouse.

The people in the last picture are Meg and Justin from southern California. They started from Chicago, riding to see family in Wisconsin and then on to Minnesota. Meg helped me get out of the barn by moving the B.O.B. She has one. It was a great help to make to corner. Lane and Pierre started their ride in Philadelphia after finishing college.