Traveling by Bicycle Across America

Day Three: Alabama State Line

Alabama State Line

Alabama State Line

Day three I rode from the campground at the Meriwether Lewis site to the historical site of the Culbert Ferry across the Tennessee River.

A lady stopped there with a small son asked if I would like my picture taken. She said she didn’t think my arms were long enough.

The next day it rained almost all day. I took a quick picture at the Mississippi Line and kept riding toward Tupelo.


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  1. Bill Koss

    Hopefully no lightning this time (recalling our misadventures riding the “gravel metric”).

    • I remember- that was unexpected. You made a great call going to that machine shed. Fortunately, just rain. More rain last night. I had the tent open as I journaled. I closed it at 7:15 because of darkness, and the rain began. It rained most of the night. It let up a little about 7:15am as I packed the bike this morning. It finally stopped about 9:45. It is 57 degrees with clearing expected tonight.

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