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Preparing for Bicycle Travel on the Pacific Coast

Route guide book

Route guide book

I am in the Seattle area preparing to ride the Pacific coast from near the Canadian border to Mexico.

Traveling by Amtrak from Chicago to Seattle worked well with the exception of a long delay caused by a freight train waiting for a crew change. The train ride followed parts of the route I used to ride coast to coast in 2012. I’m staying with Rod, who I met in Maine on that ride.

Pacific coast rote

Pacific coast rote

The back cover of the guide book shows the route. It follows highways 101 and 1 most of the time. Each day is laid out from campground to campground. Average daily mileage is just over 53 miles.

Bicycling from Colorado to New Mexico

Shular at New Mexico border

This picture was captured by my wife and SAG driver Terry. We are visiting her sister at Four Winds in Colorado. This is my first time riding in Colorado and New Mexico. I rode to Questa, New Mexico and then up the mountain to Red River. At times the grade was a 15 percent slope. That is rising 16 feet for every 100 feet. While it was slow going up, I hit almost 45mph on one section going back toward Questa.

One of the interesting sites was a small group of bighorn sheep. bighorn-sheep

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