worn tire

More than 3000 miles seems like a reasonable life for this set of tires. The red is the Kevlar belt under the tread. I rotated the tires at about 1500 miles while camping in Circle, Montana. The rear tire was just starting to show a red spot when I arrived at home. Many of the cycling tourists I meet are using Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires. I have heard some people get very high mileage from those tires, which would offset the initial cost of the tires. The old tires were 700c x 32. I replaced them with a set of Continental Contacts which are 700c x 28 ( found on C-list). They are noticeably narrower than the 32s. The weight is about the same. I am hoping for a lower rolling assistance. With 1460 miles remaining in the tour, I expect this set with last me to Bar Harbor, Maine.