Traveling by Bicycle Across America

Over the Mountains

Shular at Kancamagus Pass – White Mountains

Kancamagus Pass was the last mountain to climb on the route. The grade at times was steep. I was glad I was not pulling the trailer on this segment. One segment exceeded 12%. I did get a good downhill on the other side.

12 percent downgrade sign

Terry really wants to see a bear. So far her navigator is the only bear she has seen.

Terry’s Navigational Assistant

The first campground in the White Mountains National Forest had a FULL sign. I wondered about our destination – Jigger Johnson Campground. The traffic was very busy all day. The noise, especially those V-twin engines on a popular brand, frequently fitted with loud pipes, was about the worst on the entire trip. The picnic and trailhead areas all had many cars and people.

Jigger Johnson Campground FULL sign

Terry went ahead to see about the possibilities. She found the campground manager and pleaded her case. He said to check to see if site 26 was taken, and if not put some gear there. She raced back to tell me. After just over 70 miles of riding with a lot of hills, I was glad to have a place to rest.

Brake for Moose Sign

Terry wants to see a Moose also. When I saw this sign, I thought surely this is the right place to see a moose. She is still waiting. There is still a chance, but the opportunities will be more limited as we continue the ride.

Shular at the Maine State Line

Sunday morning traffic was light for only a short time this morning. I was glad that we changed routes shortly after entering Maine. The Last state on the route! We are camped near Shaker Village. Now only 176 miles to the goal of Bar Harbor. I expect to arrive on the pier at the end of the route Wednesday.


New England


Bar Harbor – I finished the ride.


  1. Bill Robinson

    Welcome to Maine! I have been following your trip reports and am happy that you are so near to reaching your goal. Should be good weather for the rest of the trip.

    Bill and Ursula
    Scarborough Maine

  2. Congrats Shular. We’re praying you to the finish line.

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