Traveling by Bicycle Across America

August 8 – Day 74: at the Pier in Bar Harbor, Maine

Shular Lifting his bicycle at the pier in Bar Harbor, Maine

Shular at the Bar Harbor

The thrill of riding into Bar Harbor to complete a 4540 mile cycling tour from coast-to-coast, across America was amazing. It was a very emotional moment. I took off ahead of the rest of the group down the last real hill. I really had to watch the cars. I was riding 34mph in a 30mph zone, yet the car behind me just had to get by. I felt my throat getting tight as I crested a little hill, getting my first glimpse of a few houses in Bar Harbor.

Rod caught up with me at the stop sign and told me to go left. We could only coast along because of all of the people in the street. At the foot of the hill we turned right bringing us to the Atlantic Ocean. Terry arrived very soon after we stopped.

Terry and Shular at the waterfront in Bar Harbor, Maine

Shular and Terry in Bar Harbor

I met Rod and Denny, Monday evening. We rode together to Belfast on Tuesday. Wednesday morning we me Natasha, Phil and  Robert at a cafe along the route. We soon decided to ride together to Bar Harbor, less than 70 miles from that point. While we had started from different locations, on different days and followed somewhat different routes based on Adventure Cycling Associations Northern Tier route; we were all finishing the dream and goal of riding across the USA. We all enjoyed riding together, sharing stories of the events, towns, and people along the way. The day seemed to pass very quickly.  Rolling our front wheels into the Atlantic was a very special moment for each of us. From left to right: Rod, Phil, Natasha, Robert, Shular and Denny.

Six Cyclist finishing at Bar Harbor, Maine

Six Cyclists Finishing at Bar Harbor, Maine


Bar Harbor – I finished the ride.


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  1. Bonnie

    So happy for you to have accomplished such a great goal.

  2. Kay

    The smile on your face in that first picture with your bike over your head says it all!


  3. jan

    Maybe one day. 🙂

    • A some day maybe list is okay. If you really want to make the ride, you have to set a date and work toward making it happen.

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