Traveling by Bicycle Across America

Havre, MT

I am staying at Montana State in Havre this evening. I rode here with Peter McKay from Juneau, Alaska. It was a short day, about 34 miles from Hingham where we camped last night. The two previous days were 70 plus miles. Tomorrow’s goal is Malta, just over 80 mile east. The wind was out of the west on Thursday, making the ride from East Glacier to Shelby, MT enjoyable. This is the third day with no rain! Yesterday strong winds were slightly from behind, but crossing enough to move me when semi-trucks went by. Today the wind was somewhat southwest, helping a little and not causing in problem with traffic.

There have been lots of small hills. None are too steep or long. We stopped at Havre Bicycle Shop this afternoon -free check on tire pressure and a good increase. I am expecting better rolling tomorrow.

As you will see in the gallery below, I left the moutains behind. I could see them for a while after Browning. Today I saw the Bear Paw Mountains. This part of the country has millions of acres of wheat. I did see a little winter wheat this morning, but most has been planted this spring.

There is a lot of distance between services. The little stage coach towns are mostly gone. Some towns are just a grain elevator and maybe a house or two.



Montana Pictures – East Glacier to Hingham


Changing land use on the Hi-Line – northern tier across Montana


  1. It is fun going cross country with you vicariously. Thanks for spreading the word about His Wheels and for taking His Wheels with you. We pray for you and your wife at each of our HWI workdays during prayer time. I am praying for you 2 daily. Safe travels.

  2. James

    It was good talking to you at the grocery store in Havre. Hope the ride to Malta went well. Let me know if you roll south out of Glasgow. Have a good one!

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