Traveling by Bicycle Across America

Changing land use on the Hi-Line – northern tier across Montana


US Highway 2 is known here as the Hi-Line. As I cross Montana I have seen changes in the land use. In the west wheat dominated the landscape. Today I saw cattle and grassland. After crossing the Milk River the first time I started to see trees.

Below is a picture camping in a city park in Malta, MT Sunday night. Just about the time we turned in – (9:30pm) the rain started with very strong winds. Being under the shelter instead of on the grass turned out to be the better choice.


Havre, MT


Aircraft in Glasgow, MT


  1. Bonnie

    nice to see your camp site, take a photo of your rig, I am picturing it from some riders we saw in New Mexico with the attached trailor. what kinds of things do you eat to keep up such an encredible energy level? Keep up the successful peddling!

    • I am eating oatmeal, bagles, English muffins, lots of peanut butter, raisins, almonds, granola bars, bananas, apples and more. I am eating something about every hour.

  2. Sheila Yarbrough

    You’re looking good!

    • Thanks, I had a long day against a strong east wind today. It was the first day with a whole day in to a heavy wind.

  3. What? No pepperoni pizza?
    That’s way better than raisins and granola!

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