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Anacortes to Rockport, Washington

I started Sunday morning from Anacortes, riding to Rockport, WA. This is 66 miles of the route. I was off the route three times and Terry was not at Concrete when I arrived. Two fellows from New Jersey that I met earlier in the day, Randy and Jeff, were getting back on the road at Concrete. I rode with them to Rockport. I ended up riding the hills almost ten mles back to Concrete. Terry was waiting. She had left the place where I would have seen her to make a reservation at Grandy Creek KOA. My total for the first day was about 90 miles.

The ride was beautiful. After getting away from Fidalgo Bay there was a lot of agriculture. Later in the day I rode along the Skagit River valley. We are at the edge of the Cascade range. I took pictures with my phone, but I have no service here. I will post about my disappointment with t-mobile later. My camera stopped working in Seattle. Jeff suggested there might be a reset under the battery. The lens does not retract and it will not take pictures.

The KOA is very nice and clean. I had breakfast here this morning. I chatted for a while with Larry the owner. I still have to take down the tent and get back to Rockport to start the ride. I will be cross the mountain passes this afternoon. It may be 10:30am before I start riding.


Cyclist riding to Alaska


Omak, WA

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  1. Marty

    So, you are really doing it! The trip of a lifetime.
    Hope you can get your camera working or another one.
    We prayed for you in the mens’ group.
    May God be with you and bless you.

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