Kate and Shular

On Tuesday July 17, after two days of rest my daughter Kate joined me to finish out the ride across Illinois. It was about 100 degress that day and the heat index was higher. We did have a little tail wind. The pictures shows that I rode without the B.O.B trailer for a while. We averaged about 15mph. Kate rode almost 50 miles with me. The longest ride she has ever made.  The day was so hot, the tar seeping through the chip seal was popping like pop-corn.  It was great to have company for the day. The time passed all to quickly. I put the trailer on, riding another 17 miles to Iroquois, Illinois, just over three miles fromn the Indiana border.

Wednesday I rode to Fletcher, Indiana after a detour. Thursday I went on to Roush Lake, south of Huntington, Indiana. Friday was a shorter day to Monroeville, Indiana. That day the head wind, a few minor hills, and a sore right foot slowed me down. It was about 45 miles for the day. Monroeville was the 2005 Adventure Cycling Association June Curry Trail Angle award winner. I stayed inside, with air conditioning, had a shower and did laundry! I was supposed to call the fellow in charge when I arrived. As has happened all too often, t-mobile did not provide service there. The city hall was closed. I stopped at the library, where they knew who to call without me telling them and gladly made the call. A few minutes later, I was enjoying the air conditioning. I was just a few miles from Ohio at that point.

Saturday night was a Jane Thurston State Park in Ohio. Sunday night, I am at a private campground, too close to I-80 noise ( I like small towns, corn fields and soy beans – all very quite ). I do have wi-fi so I can give you an update.