Traveling by Bicycle Across America

Carrying My Gear in a B.O.B Yak Plus Trailer

B.O.B. Yak Trailer

Shular’s B.O.B. Yak trailer

I have been pulling my gear in a trailer for a month now. This first picture shows it fully loaded without my tent on top. It is so full that it is hard to roll the top closed to keep the rain out. I don’t know how much my gear weighs, but I am guessing that it is 45 to 50 pounds. Add to that the weight of the B.O.B Yak Plus which includes the bag, another 15 to 17 pounds. It is like an anchor on steeper hills. Even here in Minnesota I have found some grades of 6 or more percent.

The company was originally Beast or Burden – the origin of B.O.B. It is a beast to manage at times. As you see in the picture, the trailer is leaned against a picnic table. I love picknick tables. I have to find something to lean it against to park. Guard rails on the highway work well as do grocery cart corrals at stores. It is tricky to park against a post or a tree, especially when I the Racktime handlebar bag is loaded with food.

B.O.B. Yak trailer attachment
Attachment of B.O.B Yak Trailer to Bicycle

The trailer came with a quick release axle to replace the regular axle. The spring loaded pin in the photo wrapping around the axle keeps the trailer attached to the bicycle. It is somewhat awkward to attach the trailer. I have to lift up the ‘tongue’ then place the tabs over the special axle and insert the keeper pins. It helps when the bicycle is leaning against something. I have left it at a campground to go grocery shopping a few times.

bicycle and trailer against bicycle rack

My Bianchi Volpe and B.O.B Yak trailer leaning on bicycle rack

You can see in this photo with the back of the trailer in the foreground, the bike and trailer takes up one whole side of a bicycle rack. On the plus side, the trailer allowed me to continue the trip. On the minus side, it is heavy and can be hard to manage at times. As long as the load is balanced, it is easy to ride on the level.


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Pictures from the last 10 days or so


  1. Bonnie

    Thanks for the descriptions, you are just amazing to bike accross America pulling all that weight up mountains, hills etc, I am looking forward to your next installment.

  2. Just think how fast you’ll be without all that baggage!
    Do you have any concerns leaving that rig unattended while shopping or during overnights indoors?

    • I lock the trailer to the bicycle frame when I grocery shop. Someone could open the bag. I take in the room when I at a motel.

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