Traveling by Bicycle Across America

The People You Meet

I have been riding with Peter Mckay from Juneau, Alaska and Dylan Atkinson from San Francisco. We lost Peter at Circle, MT yesterday – we hope to reconnect.

Enthusiasts, note Peter’s custom Erikson with full Campy equipment.

Dylan and I are in Beach, North Dakota tonight. Winds were from the east 12 to 14 mph with gusts sometimes exceeding 20.


Passing through Oswego



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  1. Patti Peppel

    It was inspiring meeting you yesturday in the area of Downer/Rollag Minnesota on County Rd 10. Hearing your story reignited some of my dreams of long rides that have never happened…YET! Riding the PMC Challenge in August will be one off my Bucket List. I figure that getting close to 50, I shouldn’t wait much longer to make those dreams realities. I wish you a safe and fullfilling journey. Bar Harbor, ME is one of the most beautiful places I know. What a finale for an amazing trip and an amazing man. I will look into your fundraising information.
    Patti Peppel (the short one!).

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