Traveling by Bicycle Across America

Glacier National Park

Monday afternoon, I am camping at the park. The sun. Is shining again, so I am going to leave the tent to walk around. I waited almost an hour for it to stop.


Joey and Emmy


Day 18 Over the top: Cross Continental Divide


  1. Trevor Scott

    Shular, it’s good to hear the sun is shining while you are in Glacier. I hope you only have sunny days ahead. I will be visiting Glacier in a few weeks. Keep going and God bless!
    Trevor Scott

    • I rode Going to the Sun today. The road is open to Avalanche then bikes and hikers. I rode to Birdwoman Falls where the road is blocked for repair. It was a 50 mile round trip. Sun after I was above the fog then rain about 3pm just before I was at camp in Apgar. It rained again for a while after 6pm. Off to East Glacier tomorrow.h

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