Traveling by Bicycle Across America

Ride sponsorship and a special thanks

I discovered last week that the air conditioning in the van was not working. A friend gave me a card for SCC Automotive in Bristol, IL. I called him this afternoon and he was able to fix the air conditioning. I told him about my ride across the USA. He asked about sponsorship. He donated the repair and wrote a nice check for His Wheels International. Thanks Stan.

For people in the area he is at 2450B South Cannonball Trail, Bristol, IL. You can call him at 630-385-2318.

You can learn more about His Wheels International at



Rides into the wind are always longer than rides with the wind at your back


Pack to go

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  1. Marty

    Wow! That’s awesome!
    I thought it would be great if he could just get it fixed (at any price).

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