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A Flat Tire

On my training ride this afternoon I made an unscheduled stop to change a flat tire. I had been around 1800 miles this year without a flat. I inspected the outside of the tire. Seeing no signs of a puncture, and noting that the valve stem (Presta) had not been tightened, I add some air and rode a short distance before it when down again. When I removed the tube, I pumped in some air. Not finding the leak, I carefully ran my finger along the inside of the tire. The puncture was caused by a tiny thorn. Once located from the inside, I found the entry point on the tread. I was back on the road in about 15 minutes.

It was a very pleasant day other than the persistent 26mph crosswind with gusts that approached 40mph. I was on the Centennial Trail near Lemont. The trees near the river and the woods in other areas helped a lot. These tires are nearing the end of their life. Perhaps new tires will give me more flat free mile.


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  1. Hi Malola,
    My training plan as I near the start of my tour, is to ride 30 to 40 miles Tuesday through Thursday and longer rides on Saturday and Sunday with Monday’s off. It changes some with weather and my schedule. There are many plans that help you increase time in the saddle to prepare for century rides. You can increase your time about 10 to 15 percent each week. On windy days like we have had recently I ride few miles, but still have saddle time. Some days I work the local hills.


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