Preparing for spring bike training

With winter almost over it is time to start checking out your gear and preparing for outdoor rides.

Faster Post Ride Recovery: Drink More Coffee

Do you want faster recovery after a hard ride on your bike? Researchers at RMIT University in Australia have found top athletes recover faster from heavy exercise using caffeine. Professor John Hawley said, "We drove these highly trained, highly motivated cyclists to absolute exhaustion - where we had to virtually peel them off the ergometer bikes." This is the first study to show that muscles refueled more rapidly when combining caffeine with carbohydrates. The amount of caffeine to affect recovery is equal to five or six cups of coffee for a 165 pound man. You need to be aware of your own body's response to caffeine before you try this. You could end up sleepless for some time.

Winter Training

The snow here in Northern Illinois is gone. It is almost spring. Soon we can put away the winter gear and wind trainer and get back outside.

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