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Sea to Summit Dry Bag Disappointment

What’s wrong with this picture?

Imagine my surprise and disappointment when I opened this brand new Sea to Summit Big River Dry Bag. The first one I opened a few weeks ago was fine. Without the matching clasp, it isn’t going to create a water tight seal at the top.

These bags ride on the Blackburn Outpost Cargo Cages on the fork. Mounted pictures soon.

How Much is Enough: Better Choices for My Packing List

Comparing sizes

On the Northern Tier I carried the big one on the left. At 10 ounces including the container, with far more sunscreen than I needed for a 74 day trip, it was too much.

Items like sunscreen can be replaced along the way. I hope the small “stick” works as well as the lotion. A weight savings of 9 ounces compared to my first bicycle tour is a great change to the total weight for my packing list for the Natchez Trace Parkway.

Specificalized AWOL Mounted for Travel

Mounted to travel

My bike is mounted for a trip to Natchez Trace Parkway.

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