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Month: June 2012

Heading to West Glacier

Later this morning, I will head to West Glacier, MT. I staid at the Western Inn. It is about 18 miles to West Glacier. There will be climbing today. I have told that Glacier National Park is closed.

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I am just north of the “A” at the edge of Dickey Lake. About 39 miles to Whitefish, MT. It is 42 degrees there this morning. The expected high is 59. I am looking forward to the warm part of the day.

Time to pack up and get on the road.

Day 14 – June 9

I am sitting in my one man tent in the rain at North Dickey Lake Campground (National Forest Service). Today is a free day! The host is providing wifi, so I am updating the blog. It rained soon after I left Rocky Gorge Campground this morning. It eventually stopped, but picked up when I reached Eureka. I am south of Fortine, MT this evening. I hope to be in Columbia Falls for Sunday evening.

It has been very slow the last two day. I was off course seriously yesterday – about 20 miles round trip on Fisher River Rd. – More than 68 miles riden – about 45 on course. The roads have been up and down. This afternoon the grade was very steep on one road with a slope over 10 percent, kicking up to 19 percent at the end. I walked for 8 or 10 minutes.

I don’t know what the trailer with my load weights (more after grocery shopping this afternoon), but I think it is too heavy.

I rode about 48 miles today. It will be a little more than that to Columbia Falls tomorrow.

I did take a few pictures, but not many with all of the rain. It was 47 degrees this afternoon. I am warm in the tent now. Last night was cooler. I am nearing the Rocky Mountains and Glacier National Park.


Libby is the first place I”be had 4g since Seattle. T-mobile is a poor choice for riding the Northern Tier.

Canari rain jacket

The first time I unzipped my Canari rain jacket this morning, the top pull came off in my hand. After less than two weeks of use, I am very disappointed. It is 50 degrees and raining.

I am in Libby, MT tonight. Up and down hills all day for 51 miles. The forecast is 39 degrees tonight with a high chance of rain. Off to Eureka tomorrow.

Newport, WA to Sandpoint, ID: Day 10 – June 5

Map Section 2

I made it to Sandpoint, ID today. It rained almost all day. A cold windy day – Terry went home yesterday. I bought a B.O.B. trailer in Spokane and this is the first day pulling the load. I think it is loaded with 50 pounds or more. I warmshowers host, Puala Lund hailed me outside Sandpoint in the late afternoon. She initially mistook me for a rider who is now scheduled to arrive tomorrow. Another rider called and arrived later. It has bas been an enjoyable evening.

Adventure Cycling Association – Northern Tier Map One Complete

Week 1 plus 1 day:

Map 1 has 15 segments. We stopped in Newport, Washington on the Idaho border – there is one more segment in Map 1 that takes me to Sandpoint, ID. I have cycled 431 miles of the course. With off course miles, city rides and locating my wife in towns my total is 503 miles.

As I previously posted, it has been frustrating not having cell phone access with t-mobile. Others have been okay with Verizon and AT&T. I have not had 4G service since leaving the Seattle area. I may have to stop at libraries to upload some photos. With Internet access at the motel tonight I can catch up. Enjoy the photo gallery of the first week below.

Three days of climbing passes has been a hard workout. I took advantage of the low gearing on my bike. The front small chain ring has 26 teeth that can be used with a 34 tooth cog on the rear. I was riding about 5 mph on the long climbs. Sometimes the speed was lower.

Today started with a downhill. I had rolling hills and a head wind much of the day. I averaged 12.5 mph which is the best I have managed since leaving the coast area.

On the plus side, the descents from Washington Pass and Sherman Pass are the longest downhills I have ever enjoyed. Each of theses was about 7 miles. Speeds were in the upper 20s to just over 40 mph. The heavy touring tires and the handlebar bag probably keep the speed down.

Pictures: Shular’s 8 days across the Northern Tier Map 1

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